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Parish Council

The Parish Council is an administrative body of Orthodox Christians in good standing with the church. It consists of both men and women who are elected by the Church stewards. They dedicate their time and talent to work together with the Parish Priest to meet the needs and goals of the church. 


Our Goal: 

Share common faith and Christian Values. Provide a safe place for parishioners of all ages where we can grow as community with our faith as a driving principal. 


Our Core Values: 

  • Humility

  • Love

  • Accepting

  • Youth focused


Our Vision Statement:

  • Transparency

  • Ministries

  • Youth development (School, sports…)

  • Becoming an example for other Churches to follow

  • Apostolic Outreach: Spread the Word not only to our Community but outside, having the Great Responsibility to share with all the People the Gospel and Orthodox Christian Values


To be a member of the Parish Council, one must be in good standing ecclesiastically and financially. If you feel called to serve in the Parish Council, please contact our office at or speak directly with our Parish Priest or Parish Council members. 


2023 Parish Council 



President: James Lakerdas

Vice President: George “Africa”  Katsambas

Treasurers: William Justice, Dimitri Haleas

Secretary: Joanne Anagnost 


Council Members:

Jeffery G Chrones, Mihalis Karanikolas, Juande Lara, Kyriakos Pontikes

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